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Mission Statement

I've always had an interest in physical activity; however, it didn't start out as a passion. I had a beautiful older brother of eighteen months - Tim. I was the fortunate one health-wise. He had Cystic Fibrosis, a genetically inherited terminal disease that affects the respiratory and digestive systems. My parents, rightly so, spent a great deal of time and effort attending to his health. Because of this, I managed to fly under the radar. Poor eating habits and not enough exercise. Energy in definitely exceeded energy out. Being overweight certainly attracted some negative attention at school and in other social circles. Dad's work saw us move to Darwin in the late sixties. The negative attention moved with it. My father definitely twigged. He was a marathon runner and used to train every morning. Being ex-army, he was very disciplined and committed to the cause. One morning he said, "come with me". Three words - that's all it took. A significant person in my life took an interest in me and wanted to do something with me. The rest is history. My interest in physical activity developed into a passion, which then developed into a journey that has delivered me to where I am today. What a ride! I have enjoyed every minute of it. The physical, emotional, social and spiritual benefits of regular physical activity are too numerous to mention. I chose life. You can too.

Personal Information

Name: - Nick Byron.

Born: - Melbourne.

Year of Birth: -1960.

Married to Susan

2 Sons - Ben and Scott.

Currently Living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Schooling: - Educated at Caulfield Grammar School, Ela Beach Primary School, Larrakeyah Primary School, Darwin High School.

Tertiary Education: - Toorak Teachers College, Victoria University, Deakin University.


Bachelor of Education (PE Major)

Graduate Diploma of Sports Science.

Past Employment

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School,

St. Leonard's College,

Munich International School,

Fairholme College.

Positions Held

Head of Health and Physical Education,

Head of Sport and Activities,

Head of House.

Years of Expirence

35yrs Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching experience.


Physical Activity

Currently Activities

Writing a book on Physical Activity for Teenagers and Parents - Simple steps on how to get teenagers involved and keep them engaged.

My Blogs

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