Get fit now! The Olympics have finished - start exercising!

Exercise. I’m excited!


The Olympics have come and gone for another four years. They were controversial for a number of reasons right from the get go. Was holding them in Brazil a great idea?

I have a feeling that many Brazilians would say no. I have a feeling that many personnel responsible for the security of the athletes and other visitors would also say no. I think some US swimmers would be hesitant. I have a feeling that the person responsible for popping (or not) the chlorine tablets in the diving pool would definitely say no!

I love them. The drama, the theatre. I can’t wait for Tokyo 2020; or even Gold Coast 2018.

The Olympics affect people’s psyche in many ways. Me, I just get excited because they are on.

There has been much press about the money we spent just getting our athletes to Rio. Years spent on high performance programmes for apparent little return irks many people. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Exercise - Now is the time

Past figures have shown spikes in physical activity levels immediately following the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Even if you do not watch them or have little interest, you cannot help but hear or see something about them. For many people this stimulates a response in the brain followed by a consequent change in behaviour.

For a start, Little Athletics and swimming pools see more children come through the door. The seasons in both of these is about to start, so the timing is perfect. I can guarantee you that Rugby 7s will be inundated by young women keen to emulate their idols.

Now is the perfect time. Conversations begin; people start thinking about exercise. One of the most powerful factors associated with an exercise program is friendship/collegiality. Most of us need someone with whom to exercise; a buddy; someone to share the common goal. If you know someone else will be there for you, you are more likely to start exercising and stick with the plan.

Once you and your mate have decided to start, begin small and build slowly. Gyms are littered with failed exercise programs because people attempt to go from 0 to 100kph in a short period of time. Even if you listen to Olympians (admittedly they are at the extreme end of the scale), they started small and have persevered over a long period of time. The same applies to you and your program. Olympians also thank the myriad of people around them who have helped getting them there. Again, the same applies to you and your program. You need a support crew and your training partner is a great starting point.

By the way parents/adults; there is nothing wrong with having one of your children as that training partner. This is a conversation for another blog.

Do this now:

  • Start that exercise program now.
  • Find a training partner (it could be your child).
  • Start small and build slowly.

Good luck!

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