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Can you do it? Yes you can!

What’s your health status? Like me, you probably have a pretty good general idea. You know what the indicators and risk factors are. Your body is made to move. That is one of the reasons we were put on this planet. Read more…

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Australian Healthy Living

party spin doctors have decided that this is not an important election issue. How long can one of the healthiest economies in the world continue to support a health system that spends billions of dollars every year treating diseases of physical inactivity? Read more…

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Australia, we have a (health) problem!

Are you struggling with mountains of information about diet and exercise? You are not alone out there. Have you ever wondered about this beautiful country and where we are headed? What are its’ strengths? Its’ weaknesses? Read more…

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Good call Play Sport Australia!

Good call Play Sport Australia!Some top tips to support your kids to enjoy sport and physical activity #lovesport Play by the Rules - making sport inclusive, safe and fair ... See MoreSee Less

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Links between physical activity & students' academic performance show that getting kids moving can represent a powerful academic strategy. An important 'selling point' as the health benefits alone don't seem to be enough of a persuader! @ConversationEDU

A personal one today, as a male. We hear so much about cancer today; however, we can work against reducing risks by following these six guidelines. Thank you Queensland Health.

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I am focussed on individual health. Having been a Physical Education teacher and coach for over 35 years, my key areas of concern are children, adolescents and their parents. How can I improve my health and stay healthy? I keep it simple – no confusing words, terms or programs. ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’: Mahatma Gandhi.

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Everyone is different. We have different needs and metabolisms based on body make up and circumstances. There will be something for everyone on this website and in the blogs. If there is a specific area you would like covered, please ask.


Physical Activity

This is the big ticket item; the big picture. Our body is made to move. We move it in so many different ways. It is irrelevant, in most cases, how we move it; as long as we move and we move every day. Do you play sport? Do you go the gym? Do you walk the dog around the block? Do you work in a physically demanding job? I can help with regular useful insights, hints and tips.

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Physical Education

As a child or teenager, or parent of one of these, sometimes it can be difficult to cut through the myriad of information out there about physical activity. It is my aim to keep it simple. It is not rocket science. I can help answer some of the questions constantly asked: How can I start being physically active? What do I need to do to make physical activity part of my everyday life? How much activity should I be doing? What type of physical activity should I be doing? How can physical activity be tailored to suit my specific needs? What should I be looking for in a good, effective coach and sporting organisation? How should I fuel my physical activity needs? And, I am sure that you have some questions of your own. Read my regular blogs and look for other useful information on my website. You can also follow the link and email me. I look forward to hearing from you and providing you with useful information that will help lead you down the physical activity path.